PB9063W 5000mAh Magnetic Wireless Powerbank with Watch Charging Module

PB9063W 5000mAh Magnetic Wireless Powerbank with Watch Charging Module
PB9063W 5000mAh Magnetic Wireless Powerbank with Watch Charging Module
PB9063W 5000mAh Magnetic Wireless Powerbank with Watch Charging Module
PB9063W 5000mAh Magnetic Wireless Powerbank with Watch Charging Module
PB9063W 5000mAh Magnetic Wireless Powerbank with Watch Charging Module
PB9063W 5000mAh Magnetic Wireless Powerbank with Watch Charging Module

PB9063W 5000mAh Magnetic Wireless Powerbank with Watch Charging Module

Brand: Stuffcool
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[Not Your Average Powerbank]: The PB9063W is a magnetic wireless charging powerbank with a special module to charge your Apple Watch as well! The PB9063W is a 5000mAh capacity powerbank with a leather kickstand to make using or viewing the phone while charging easy.

[Charge All Of Your iEssentials, On The Go]: The PB9063W is the most versatile powerbank in the country. You can charge your iPhone (7.5W) and Apple Watch (2W) simultaneously. You can also use the magnetic wireless charger module to even charge your Airpods (3rd Gen), Airpods Pro (1 & 2). The PB9063W is a perfect on the go charging solution for the iOS ecosystem.

[Supports Pass Through Charging]: The PB9063W supports pass through charging, which means you can charge the powerbank and also charge the iPhone and Watch at the same time. This means that with the leather kick stand, the PB9063W doubles up as a cool desk charging station for your iEssentials.

[5000mAh Capacity]: The 5000 mAh capacity is good enough to charge an iPhone 14 Pro once - from 0 to 100% via the wired type C port or about 80%* via the Magnetic wireless charging module. Please note: wireless charging modules cannot provide full efficiency since there will always be a loss in wireless charging.

[Type C Input / Output + Lighting cable input!]: The Pb9063W was designed to be the most convenient charging solution on the go, on the move. So besides a simple PD20W Type C port that supports both input and output, there is also a lightning input port that allows you to charge the powerbank using your iPhones lightning cable in situations when you dont have an additional type c cable.

[Made In India, Made For India]: The PB9063W is proudly made in india, and is compliant with all safety features. The PB9063W is BIS approved and also has a 5 layer intelligent safety protocol that keeps you and you device safe, and charged!

[Easy Warranty Process]: All our products come with 6 months warranty and we have a very easy warranty process: simply ping us on whatsapp on 8879758984 with your invoice/order details and we will sort your problem out.


Please note: Magsafe or Magnetic wireless charging will only work with a case on, if the case is Magsafe compatible. Without a magsafe compatible case, we recommend you use the powerbank directly onto the iPhone (without a case). For normal wireless charging, you can use any case thinner than 6mm. 

The Warranty Coverage of the product doesnt include any wear and tear to the leather stand. 


*tested in Airplane mode with auto brightness - performance will vary depending on usage of the phone while charging. 


iPhone 12, iPhone 13 and now iPhone 14 are equipped with a brand new technology called MagSafe, which enables this powerbank to affix itself magnetically and charge the iPhone 12, 13 , 14 series wirelessly! Hence, Magnetic Wireless powerbank.

Yes! This will work with all phones that have Qi Enabled Wireless charging just that it wont affix itself magnetically. This will work with all flagship samsungs and older iphones. See above for detailed compatibility list.

Yes it supports only Apple Watch; it supports all versions of the Apple Watch. It cannot support any other watch/wearable. It provides an output of 2.5W, perfect for an emergency power up.

No. The Powerbank is also equipped with Fast Wired charging - 20W PD power from its type C port, charging iPhones 50% in 30 mins

Yes absolutely! It supports pass through charging, and you can make the powerbank into a desk stand using the leather kickstand provided while you charge both, the phone and powerbank

About Magnetic Wireless Charging

Magnetic or MagSafe charging is a technology developed by Apple that uses magnets to attach and charge compatible devices wirelessly. It was introduced with the iPhone 12 and is available on every iPhone since.


⚡ Convenience! Using the built in magnets, magnetic or magsafe charging holds the iPhone firm to allow steady charging even while youre using the iPhone.

⚡ Optimal power delivered over a long duration, steadily charging your iPhone, without any damage to its Battery health.


⛔ Slow Charging. Magnetic wireless charging trickles power for a longer duration to protect your iPhones battery life. Magnetic charging happens at 7.5w vs wired charging happens at 20W.

⛔ Dissipates Heat. Wireless charging in general dissipates heat as a by product, heating your phone and charger. its completely normal.

📱 Limited to iPhone 12 and above. Works only with iPhone 12, 13, 14 series and the latest Airpods Pro 2nd Gen.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Hameed Bilal Syed
Efficient and Extremly useful

Easy to use and extremely useful
Taking off a point cuz it doesn’t charge above 80%

Mriganka C.
Superb performance for the price

Though I haven’t used it a lot till now, it’s a small device with good performance. Although it does get quite hot during charging as you would expect of any magsafe powerbank but it still does the job quite well. It’s a great backup for emergencies!

Vivek Mehta
One of the best wireless charging power bank

This is probably one of the best wireless charging power bank I have bought. I have even posted review on youtube also. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zfTYKw1fiw0

Bharat Patil
Very Nice Product

Delivery on time & Very Nice Products

Prashant Phadatare

PB9063W 5000mAh Magnetic Wireless Powerbank with Watch Charging Module

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