What is the new “GaN Charger” technology?

What is the new “GaN Charger” technology?

Almost every gadget you use today needs a charger. And since every device is different, chargers too come in many different configurations. Need to know more? Click here to know everything about chargers.

The race for faster charging has given rise to a new technology breakthrough – the GaN Charger. Gallium Nitride (GaN) is a next-generation semiconductor and has an operating speed that’s 20x faster than the old traditional silicon (Si) technology which is used in most chargers today.

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GaN semiconductors can also achieve 3x higher power requirements in a very compact size, without generating excessive heat. When used in a fine-designed fast charger, such as the Stuffcool Napoleon PD65W, the result is a much superior charger as opposed to existing conventional power bricks. Stuffcool’s Napoleon GaN charger is highly compact and offers better performance when compared to standard Silicon-based chargers.


How is a GaN Charger different from conventional chargers?

There isn’t anything special here – it’s just that major Silicon-based components are replaced by low-heat and high-efficiency Gallium Nitride. GaN chargers are smaller in size (by almost 40%) and lighter than conventional chargers.


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A GaN charger is usually around the size of an inkjet printer cartridge (or even smaller) and can easily charge a compatible laptop or smartphone with more than 100 Watts of power. No need to carry around brick-sized chargers for your laptops or smartphone anymore – a single GaN charger can charge multiple devices, simultaneously.

What are the types of GaN Chargers?

GaN Chargers are available with different power ratings. Ranging from 30W to 200W, GaN chargers different type and combinations of ports such as USB Type-C or Type-A. While some lower-rated chargers may sport a single USB port, others combine multiple ports in either USB Type-C (PD) or a combination of USB Type-C and USB Type-A. GaN Chargers are designed according to market requirements, manufacturer specifications and consumer demands.

Do you need a GaN Charger?

Probably, the answer here is a ‘Yes’. GaN-based Chargers being compact and highly efficient not only make it convenient for travel but also help in saving energy bills. Additionally, they can charge at higher speeds in comparison to conventional chargers, and can also charge multiple devices simultaneously. Lastly, less heat generation also means longer life, making a GaN Charger usable for years to come. Thus, GaN Chargers offer the benefits of multiple chargers combined into a single unit. Since most smartphones, tablets and laptops allow fast charging today, it’s highly recommended that you opt for a GaN Charger – a perfect investment you won’t remorse. And lastly, since smartphone manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung and Xiaomi (and many others following suit) are now eliminating a charger from the package forcing you to buy a charger separately, a GaN Charger is your best bet.

What is Stuffcool’s Napoleon GaN Charger?

Dubbed “Napoleon”, Stuffcool’s GaN Charger is capable of safely delivering up to 65 Watts of power for all compatible power-hungry devices. It features charging technologies such as PD (Power Delivery), PPS (Programmable Power Supply) and QC 3.0 (QuickCharge v3.0) and sports USB Type-C (PD) + Type-A Fast Charge ports to charge up to two devices simultaneously. The Napoleon is built around a powerful GaN chip that uses PowiGaN Gallium Nitride charging technology that is set by PI, USA. Using a total of 6 layers of protection, the compact Stuffcool Napoleon GaN Charger protects your devices from irregular heating and unwanted damage.


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The Napoleon is universally designed for fast charge-compatible devices such as smartphones, iPhones, tablets, iPads, laptops, MacBooks and game consoles. The Napoleon is also very compact – almost 40% smaller than a standard 60W MacBook charger, and weighs just 100g. And the most important factor for Indian users – the Stuffcool Napoleon 65W GaN Charger is BIS Approved for safety, quality and reliability, which will give you complete peace of mind.

What is a BIS Certified? And why is it important for Indian consumers?

BIS Certification is provided by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). It is a National Standards Body in India and allows manufacturers to use the popular ISI mark on their quality products after stringent tests. The Stuffcool Napoleon is India’s first BIS-Certified GaN Charger (BIS Number: R-41155780), giving you, as a customer, peace of mind with an assured safety standard and quality and reliable parts. While there are several requirements for BIS Certification, the most important one here is the Power Plug Type for household appliances that use up to 250VAC/16A.


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Most chargers you see on the market are either imported from or manufactured in China. Chinese manufacturers often manufacture and export products based on American or European power plugs, but these don’t fit well into Indian power sockets. Using such Type-A, or Type-C Plug chargers tend to fit loose or slack into the Indian socket which is Type-D. A slackly plugged-in charger will cause a loose connection and generate dangerous sparks and spikes in the input supply voltage. This could result in damaging the connected equipment or the charger, or even both. It is also a recipe for fire. Having a BIS Certified power plug for use on Indian power sockets is the safest way to guarantee a perfect connection between the wall socket and the charger, thus greatly safeguarding the expensive connected equipment and preventing accidental fires. Hence, it is always recommended that you always choose a BIS-Certified product instead of opting for cheaper non-standard equipment.

Which devices can Stuffcool’s GaN Charger charge?

The Stuffcool Napoleon 65W GaN Charger can charge all devices that require 5V to 12V Fast USB chargers, and most laptops and tablets that use USB Type-C (PD) charging ports up to 20V.

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The Napoleon can supply a total power output of up to 65 Watts via the USB Type-C PD port or up to 18 Watts via the USB Type-A port. Using the appropriate ports, you can charge any smartphone, tablet, compatible laptop, Apple’s iPhone, iPad, iPod and MacBook, cameras, BT speakers, wearables, gaming consoles and various compatible devices.

How does the Napoleon charge multiple devices simultaneously?

As the Napoleon features two USB ports (Type- A / C), the power on each port is limited and shared accordingly when multiple devices are simultaneously connected. Let us explain with some examples.

  1. Single device: Apple MacBook Pro/Air – using Type-C PD port = full 65W output.
  2. Single device: Apple iPhone 12 – using USB Type-A port = 18W output (Max).
  3. Single device: Apple iPhone 12 – using USB Type-C port = 20W output (Max).
  4. Multi-device: MacBook + iPhone – using Type-C and Type-A ports = Shared power. MacBook will charge at a maximum 45W and the iPhone will charge at maximum 18W.

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But there is a twist in the power output when charging multiple devices at once. The power output will also depend on the current battery status or level in each device. Most devices draw maximum power when the battery levels are between 0% and 80% and then slowly (trickle) charge them till they reach 100%. The output power of the charger will vary depending on the device’s needs. In short, the device will instruct the charger to only deliver the amount of power needed for its charging.

What protection does the Stuffcool’s Napoleon offer?

Since Stuffcool’s Napoleon 65W GaN charger is BIS-Certified, it goes through a battery of rugged tests and strict approvals before it can be officially sold on the market.


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The Napoleon complies with the strictest safety standards and includes 6 layers of protection to safeguard an expensive connected device. These protections include Over-Voltage, Over-Current, Over-Power, Over-Temperature, Electrostatic and Short Circuit protection.

How do I know if the Stuffcool will work for all my devices?

The Napoleon will usually work for all devices that are on the market today. However, there are a few laptops that may not charge at full speed because of its power requirements. The Stuffcool Napoleon is rated at a maximum of 65 Watts and can safely and efficiently charge all devices that have a requirement of 65W and below. For laptops that need more than 65W, you can check out the more powerful and highly compact Stuffcool Desktop 100W Centurion Charger (Coming soon!). You should refer to your device’s user manual and look up the specifications section for its power, battery and charging requirements which mentions the maximum ratings for compatible power adapters/chargers.

Does the Stuffcool Napoleon come with USB cables in the box?

No – the Napoleon does not come with any USB cables within the box. However, it is recommended that you use the original USB charging/data cable that came with your device. Using a non-standard or cheaper USB cable for charging your device may cause charging speed issues and could also damage your device. Every USB cable used for charging has a rated tolerance for handling the power it can transfer from point A to point B. This tolerance is set by the manufacturer depending on the requirement for the cable length, the materials used in it and the price. Kindly ensure that you use quality cables when using the Napoleon with your device. For example, using a non-standard USB type-C data cable to charge a smartphone, tablet or laptop will either do a slow charge or could heat up and burn out since they can transfer around 10 to 15W max. In turn, this could also damage your device, rendering it out of warranty. Similarly, a USB Type-C cable provided with an Apple MacBook can handle up to 100W. Always check the specifications of the cables to match your product’s requirements.

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