Your phone is calling. It’s asking for the right charger.

Your phone is calling.

It’s asking for the right charger.



A square peg in a round hole.
Diesel in petrol engines.
A random charger for your phone.
Or TWS earphones, smartwatch or laptop.
It’s the same recipe - for disaster.
Who cares?
Your smart device does. Thing is, every phone brand and model has a battery that needs a specific power output to charge it fast and full. And when connected to a random, underpowered charger, the smartest phone can turn into a dumb one.
Stuffcool cares
The reason we have multiple chargers (and power banks), is that we know the power trip of every device out there. And this table is our effort to keep your devices charged and help you stay connected.
Cards on the table
Here’s a table. The next time you buy a charger, have a look at it to check what power output is needed for your phone, and make the right choice.
Major Devices Power requirement Look for
iPhones (i8 to date) 20W PD Type C port, claims of 50% in 30mins, and 20W PD
iPads 20W PD Type C port
Samsungs 25W PPS Type C Port, “Super fast Charging” on your device
Pixel 4A/6A 18W PD Type C port, “Charging Rapidly”
Pixel 6/6 Pro, Pixel 7 / 7 Pro 30W PPS PD (actually 25W PPS) Type C port, “Charging Rapidly”, charges 50% in 30 mins. Even though google mentions 30W requirement in official communication, the devices cannot pull more than 23W PPS power and hence a 25W charger is more than enough.
Samsung S22 Ultra 45W PPS Type C port, “Super Fast Charging 2.0”
Macbook Air M1 30W PD Type C port
Macbook Air M2 30W PD for Normal charging / 67W PD for fast charging Type C port, 67W Charger can fast charge the M2 Air 50% in 30 mins!
Macbook Pro M1 13” 61W PD Type C port
Macbook Pro M2 13” 67W PD Type C port
Macbook M1 Pro 14” 96W PD Type C port
Laptops/ Ultrabooks 65W PD Type C port
Nintendo Switch 65W PD Type C port
Oppo Proprietary charging tech SuperVOOC
Vivo Proprietary charging tech SuperVOOC
OnePlus Proprietary charging tech Warp/Dash
RealMe Proprietary charging tech SuperDart
AirPods / AirPods Pro / Airpods 3rd Gen 18W PD Type C Port
Apple Watch 7 / 8 / Ultra 18W PD Type C Port
Older Apple Watches 15W Type A port
Watts the right answer
Just one device? That’s a rare case scenario! Most of us have at least a phone and TWS earphones, and some of us have a smartwatch and a laptop too. The truly connected ones also a have tablet up their sleeve!
It’s easy selecting one charger for one device. But things can get complicated when you add one or four more!
Some real life scenarios
You own an iPhone + AirPods + Apple watch 7.
You would need:
20W PD + 18W PD + 18W PD = 56W PD power from 3 type C ports..
These are the things to check:
1. It has 3 Type C Ports
2. When used altogether, each port delivers min. 18W-20W of PD power.
But if you just need 2 ports at any given time - here’s the math:
20W PD + 18W PD = 38W.
That is, 2 Type C Ports - each delivering min. 20W of PD power = Total power 40W.
Things get confusing when you add a laptop to this mix!
If you have a 13” Macbook Pro, iPhone 13 and AirPods Pro.
You would need 61W + 20W + 18W PD power, all through type C ports.
That means you need 3 type C ports delivering total of 99W of PD Power! That’s a lot of power!
While there are multi port 100W chargers available in the market, they might not be as portable.
A time when all your devices needed charging is super rare, and the ever-popular 65W GaN chargers should usually do the job for you.
Most of the flagship devices on sale have been covered in the table here. If you don’t find an answer to your charging needs, just ping us. We’re sure to have the right thing for you!



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