Snap Lightning 5000mAh Powerbank

Snap Lightning 5000mAh Powerbank
Snap Lightning 5000mAh Powerbank
Snap Lightning 5000mAh Powerbank
Snap Lightning 5000mAh Powerbank
Snap Lightning 5000mAh Powerbank
Snap Lightning 5000mAh Powerbank
Snap Lightning 5000mAh Powerbank
Snap Lightning 5000mAh Powerbank

Snap Lightning 5000mAh Powerbank

Brand: Stuffcool
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Snap On - Snap Off. A new compact style of powerbank that is perfect for an emergency juice up! Featuring a super compact size and shape, simply SNAP ON to your iPhone and charge any iPhone fast, 50% in 30 mins! Snap is BIS Approved and proudly made in India. Please note: the lightning connector in SNAP is delicate and any damage to it is not considered in the warranty. We request you and recommend not to connect snap and place phone+snap in your pocket or bag or any enclosed area that can put pressure on the lightning port and cause damage.

Presenting SNAP, a new style of powerbank. Simply Snap the powerbank onto the lighting port of an iPhone/Airpods/iPad and enjoy 20W of PD fast charigng power

The Snap provides 20W PD output which charges any iPhone 50% in 30 mins! Perfect for a quick juice up. The Snap also works with Airpods Pro and iPad 10.2" models that come with a lightning port.

The Snap packs 5000mAh power in a super small and compact shape. Its virutally the width of an iPhone 14 Pro and just 5cm in height. Fits neatly in your pocket, purse, bag. Easy to travel with, commute with.

Owing to its super compact shape and high power output, the Snap is efficient enough to charge an iPhone 14 Pro 0-90% on a single charge. Thats more than enough battery to last you easily 1 full day of uninterrupted usage!

The type C port on Snap can fast charge it at 18W PD power allowing you to quickly charge the Snap in under 2 hours using a type C charger and type C to C Cable (provided)


This is a powerbank. Its an OTG Style, plug in and charge powerbank. Simply plug in the lightning connector into the lighting port of your iPhone and start charging!

Yes. Snap has a lightning connector that fits into any iOS device with a lighting port such as iPhones, iPads, AirPods. Simply Snap On and Start Charging.

The Snap has a type C port on the side and that is only an input port. You can charge the powerbank using the type C port but cannot charge another device with it.

No. Since the Snap has this super compact shape and PD charging capability, the efficiency does take a hit. The Snap was designed as an emergency quick juice up and is not recommended to hold multiple charges' capacity. It can charge an iPhone 14 Pro 0-90% in 1 full charge, but at full speeds just as that of a type C wall charger

Any manufacturing defect, performance concerns are all included in the warranty. Any damage to the lightning port is NOT included in its warranty. Please DO NOT attach snap to your iPhone and then put in your pocket or bag since the lightning port could get bent.

About Power Delivery

Power Delivery (PD) is a universal fast-charging protocol that allows for high-power charging of electronic devices over type C connections. It allows for devices to charge faster and more efficiently. PD is adopted by Apple, Google, Samsung and most type C Laptops.


⚡ Fast Charging. Fast charges any iPhone 50% in 30 mins!
⚡ Universal compatibility. High powered PD chargers can charge devices across the spectrum - from iPhones to Macbooks, a high powered PD charger can handle all.


⛔ Works best with flagships. In smartphones, PD is limited to Apple, Google, Samsung.
⛔ Power Delivery (PD) charging can only happen with Type C Outputs.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

Good and very comfortable

Harpreet Singh Chadha
Snap power bank

Excellent product compact and handy to use

What a portable charger

in mind. You can carry it i pocketyy of you pants. Very fast charging. Charge my iphone 11in one charge. Very nice purchase.

Ananda Gupta
Super product

Very handy.

Rajesh Bhomawat Jain

Snap Lightning 5000mAh Powerbank

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